Welding Cameras Used in the Training of Future Welders

A welding instructor who was 500 kilometers away from the base in Tampere, Finland, surprised Cavitar with a visit in 2019 when the company was still in the development stage of the Cavitar Welding Cameras.

The laser illumination’s capabilities piqued the interest of Juha Kauhanen, a teacher at Savo Vocational College (SAKKY), a welding education and certification facility in Kuopio, Finland. Juha stated that they have been searching for a system that supports welding instruction and enables melt pool visualization.

TIG Welding Visualized with Cavitar Welding Camera C300

Video Credit: Cavitar

Even then, SAKKY knew that the technology, which offers a clear view of the welding without the distracting brightness the process emits, would offer a new level of process understanding.

Therefore, it would definitely improve welding education and training in schools and companies alike; it was apparent that the Cavitar Welding Camera C300 would be a good fit for SAKKY’s needs.

Cavitar consequently decided to work with SAKKY and have them demonstrate the C300. Although the COVID-19 pandemic, among other things, delayed the demoing schedule, the department of welding education at SAKKY has been using the Cavitar Welding Camera C300 in instructing welding students for the past few months.

Juha Kauhanen from SAKKY (left) and Christian Kutschke setting up the Cavitar Welding Camera at SAKKY.

Juha Kauhanen from SAKKY (left) and Christian Kutschke setting up the Cavitar Welding Camera at SAKKY. Image Credit: Cavitar

Juha Kauhanen and other welding teachers at the institution have just provided Cavitar with feedback on the welding camera. Feedback is essential so the company can discover and comprehend the true value and advantages Cavitar Welding Cameras offer to welding educational institutions.

Following just a few months of use with the Cavitar Welding Camera C300, they informed the following:

  1. It is simpler for the instructor to explain welding and to point out each step of the procedure when they can see the melt pool. The brightness of the welding arc typically “blocks” all of these details.
  2. The implications of holding the welding torch at an incorrect angle and what happens if the torch moves too slowly or too quickly can be demonstrated to students by the instructor. Inappropriate torch location might result in undesirable welding flaws. Cavitar’s welding camera technology enables frame-by-frame examination of the footage to identify the fault and discover the causes that gave rise to it.
  3. The students want to learn more about what occurs throughout the welding process. They are eager to investigate the welds’ specifics and assess both their and their fellow students’ weld proficiency.

The company is excited to learn more from SAKKY and to take the next stages in its partnership with them.

Our welding cameras are compact and ideal for all types of arc welding.

Our welding cameras are compact and ideal for all types of arc welding. Image Credit: Cavitar

Regarding personnel training, industrial companies can benefit significantly from the Cavitar Welding Camera C300. To achieve high-quality standards, each manufacturer adheres to certain processes, and many have unique welding techniques.

The welding coordinators can discuss the procedure relevant to the assignment with the welder and assist the welder in honing their own skills by using the Cavitar Welding Camera. As a result, there are fewer faults produced, saving time and resources and increasing efficiency and yield.

This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by Cavitar.

For more information on this source, please visit Cavitar.


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