Zygo Corporation

Zygo Corporation
Laurel Brook Road
CT, 06455-0448
United States
PH: 1 (860) 347 8506
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Company Background

ZYGO designs, manufactures, and distributes high-end optical systems and components for metrology and end-user applications. ZYGO's metrology systems are based on optical interferometry measuring displacement, surface figure, and optical wavefront. Metrology and optical markets for end-user and OEM applications include semiconductor capital equipment, aerospace/defense, automotive, and research.

Now in its fourth decade, Zygo Corporation leverages its core competencies in metrology and optics to serve a worldwide customer base. Recognized as a valued partner by its customers for its innovation, technology, and responsiveness, the Company assists these customers in becoming leaders in their respective markets. Zygo Corporation's shares are listed on the NASDAQ market and traded under the symbol ZIGO. Headquartered in Middlefield, Connecticut, the Company employs approximately 525 people in offices throughout the world.