Diffraction International

13033 Ridgedale Drive, #139
MN, 55305-1807
United States
PH: 1 (952) 945-9912
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Company Background

Diffraction International Ltd. is a privately held optical engineering company based in Minnesota. Our expertise is aspheric figure metrology. We can help you test aspheric optics more accurately and more easily using custom CGH Aspheric Nulls that will work with your current interferometer. We have designed and fabricated many hundreds of custom, one-of-a-kind CGH aspheric nulls for customers worldwide. We also offer several standard CGH cylinder nulls. Our diffractive CGH nulls are generally of lower cost than conventional refractive nulls. Most of our CGH null work is customer proprietary. Of the few projects that we can mention publicly, we are most proud of the CGH nulls we produced for testing of the COSTAR correction optics for NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope. The COSTAR optics were manufactured by Tinsley Laboratories and our CGH nulls were the standard against which the several other testing methods were compared. The high profile COSTAR project also motivated us to improve our CGH technical documentation to its current high level.

Our Durango Interferometry Software works with any interferometer or camera type. Durango’s interactive graphical interface gives you unprecedented flexibility in data acquisition and analysis, all with very little typing and no need for programming. Durango optionally saves all the raw data, allowing you to do what-if analysis long after acquiring the data. Durango can be freely downloaded and distributed with your data files. A commercial license and hardware key are needed only to acquire new data.We supply the few hardware accessories sometimes required for Durango to work with your interferometer. These include phase shift adapters, frame grabbers and DAC boards. If you prefer, we can provide a turnkey solution including the computer and installation.