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Bruker Releases AcuityXR Optical Surface Profiler Mode for Nanoscale Applications

Published on December 20, 2010 at 4:14 AM

Provider of scientific instruments, Bruker has launched an optical surface profiler mode called the AcuityXR for optical surface profiler systems. The AcuityXR integrates the Bruker hardware and software technology to allow specific ContourGT series of non-contact 3D optical surface profilers to offer improved lateral resolutions and break the limit of optical diffraction.

The AcuityXR mode-enabled Bruker optical surface profiler systems have offered resolution of less than 130 nm in width. The profiler systems are suitable for stepped or smooth surface analysis and preserve the large field-of-view as well as the benefits of the company’s optical surface profiling. The dimensional repeatability found on narrow structures increases by over a factor of five through the use of AcuityXR.

The optical surface profiler mode is an optional feature offered with Bruker ContourGT-K1, X8 and X3 optical surface profilers. The ContourGT non-contact, 3D optical surface profilers have high-brightness dual-LED lighting. By combining the illumination and the vertical resolution of the system, the stability and sensitivity is further enhanced. This combination also facilitates accurate non-contact 3D surface metrology in challenging environments and applications.

Furthermore, the ContourGT includes a modular user interface and the Vision64 operating and analysis software. The interface offers user-level-customization features for various applications in surface profiling metrology.


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