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Customized Scientific and Industrial Imaging Cameras for OEMs

Standard Lumenera​ products can be modified to meet specific application requirements.

In order to create specific imaging solutions, Lumenera offers small, cost-effective modifications and tweaks and also complete made-to-spec solutions.

Specializing in Custom Camera Development and Manufacturing, Lumenera Provides Qualified Custom and OEM Customers with:

  • Board level or enclosed cameras
  • Custom labeling with customer specific part numbers
  • FCC Class B and CE EMI certification requirements
  • A 30-day evaluation unit
  • Pre- and post-sales engineering support for systems integration
  • Industry leading 4-year warranty
  • Customized mechanical, firmware, software and hardware through Lumenera's design services
  • Extensive OS support (32 and 64-bit versions of Windows and Linux)
  • Matching pantone colors to customer’s existing branding and color schemes
  • A custom solution that meets the customer’s price-to-performance budget requirements

Custom Imaging Solutions for Your Unique Application Requirements

Custom and OEM imaging solutions have been delivered by Lumenera​ for industrial and scientific markets with a wide range of applications, each with their own unique set of requirements. Given below are examples of some of the applications Lumenera has developed custom imaging solutions for:

Scientific Applications

  • Ophthalmic imaging (Fundus cameras, retinal screening and O.C.T.)
  • Live cell imaging
  • Imaging based PCR instruments
  • Automated cell and colony counters
  • Gel documentation systems
  • Small to high throughput digital pathology and slide scanning

Lumenera's Scientific OEM Customers Benefit from:

  • Long product life cycles (10 + years)
  • Same API for all of Lumenera cameras, which enables effortless integration of multiple cameras
  • Locked custom hardware and firmware for FDA approval and custom use case
  • Scientific Grade (-SCI) for superior image quality and tighter tolerance
  • FCC class B Certification, vital for meeting EMI requirements for FDA approvals

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Industrial Applications

  • Intelligent traffic solutions (Tolling, ALPR, red light, speed enforcement)
  • Machine vision (Colorimeters, inspection, laser key cutting)
  • Motion and gait analysis (Golf swing, commercial gaming systems)
  • High-speed inspection (Bar code, paper, windmill and tissue quality inspection)
  • Metrology (Gem inspection, metal stress testing)
  • Factory automation inspection (Consumer electronics, pharma packaging, quality control, semiconductor)
  • UAV/Aerial photogrammetry (Contour mapping, pipeline inspection, precision agriculture)

Lumenera's Industrial OEM Customers Benefit from:

  • Vibration and shock testing for each camera model
  • MTBF rating of 80,000 hours
  • Vision industry certification (GigE Vision and USB3 Vision Standards)
  • Color correction over temperature using Lumenera's own unique CCM's
  • Lumenera's API for improved camera control and command

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Customize a Standard Camera Model

Any off-the-shelf USB 3.0, USB 2.0 and GigE camera can be adapted to meet application requirements whether complex or simple.

With more than 80 standard products and variants resulting in more than 1,300 models available, chances are, Lumenera​ has a product that meets all customer requirements.

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