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Cutting-Edge, USB 3.0 Camera Range with CMOS and CCD Sensors

Highly innovative USB 3.0 cameras from Lumenera are built with leading-edge sensor technology from Sony, CMOSIS and ON Semiconductor, making these cameras suitable for a wide range of applications where high resolution, precision, speed, accuracy, and sensitivity are critical.

Proven CMOS and CCD Sensors

These USB 3.0 cameras provide exceptional image quality at extremely high frame rates and often at lower costs. Built in FPGA-based image processing off-loads the work from the computer and guarantees the highest image quality without compromising on performance.

The combination of CMOSIS/Sony sensors and USB 3.0 technology:

  • Result is a simplified system and reduced total system cost
  • Unleashes the speed limitations found with other sensors
  • Provide data rates comparable to CameraLink (and far exceeding GigE), without the hardware and software complexities
  • Does not require CameraLink framegrabber as USB 3.0 is native to new computers

High-Speed, Global Shutter, CMOS Sensor-Based USB 3.0 Cameras

The Lt425 and Lt225 cameras are built for rugged 24/7 use.

Both cameras have a proven, high resolution CMOS sensor with a fully electronic global shutter that captures exceptional quality, high-speed images with zero blur.

This industrial-grade camera is best suited for applications that include Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR), traffic monitoring, motion control and high-speed inspection. This camera is available in a scientific-grade version and can also be customized to suit OEM designs.

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High Sensitivity, Low Noise, CCD Sensor-Based USB 3.0 Cameras

The Lt1265R, Lt965R, Lt665R, and Lt365R cameras feature Sony’s EXview HAD II CCD sensor technology, making them suitable for a wide range of applications, such as machine vision, high-speed inspection, tolling and traffic inspection.

These cameras were built on low noise electronics in order to provide details with remarkable accuracy at amazing speeds.

The cameras are considered to be a great choice for Near-Infrared (NIR) imaging because of their high dynamic range and responsiveness. The 128 MB of onboard memory for frame buffering included in these cameras ensures reliable and dependable image delivery even in environments that are extremely demanding.

Lumenera’s buffer technology, unlike some competitive camera companies, delivers all frames at max resolution and full speed without introducing latency. A scientific-grade variant can be used for the most demanding life science applications.

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USB3 Vision Certified

The Lt Camera Series from Lumenera has received certification with the USB3 Vision standard, which is appointed by the AIA; the world's largest machine vision trade association. The compliant products from Lumenera ensure compatibility with vision software applications.

(-SCI) Scientific Camera Option

Most of Lumenera's industrial cameras are available to order with a scientific option (-SCI), which comprises of microscopy-grade glass, suitable for collimated light source applications.

Coming Soon: Sony Pregius™ Global Shutter CMOS-Based USB3 Cameras

In 2016, Lumenera had planned to expand the USB 3.0 Lt Camera Family. A series of new cameras based on Sony's recent Pregius™ global shutter CMOS technology will boast CCD-like performance from a CMOS sensor with increased frame rates and clear distortion-free, crisp images.

Using this new line of technology, Lumenera also plans to release a number of additional camera models based on Sony’s 2nd generation IMX sensors such as the 5 MP IMX250 and IMX264 sensors and various other sensors to produce a series GS CMOS cameras ranging in resolution from 3 MP to 12 MP.

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