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Coherent TR-PROBE for in-Situ Reaction and Process Monitoring

Coherent's TR-PROBE is a tightly-packed, strong THz-Raman® probe, which enables process or in-situ reaction observing. The user is able to configure the TR-PROBE with various contact or immersion probe tips, tablet holder, a suitable vial holder, or a steerable collimated beam.

The whole range of THz-Raman® Series platforms are ultra-compact and simple to connect using a fiber to most Raman systems or spectrometers. Coherent's patented SureBlock™ ultra-narrow-band volume holographic grating (VHG) filters particularly block just the Rayleigh excitation with >OD8 attenuation, permitting the concurrent trapping of both Stokes and anti-Stokes signals.

A powerful, wavelength-stabilized, ASE-free single-frequency laser source is precisely coordinated to the filters to ensure the highest throughput and outstanding attenuation of the excitation source.

Extending the Fingerprint Range of Raman

Coherent's patented Thz-Raman® Spectroscopy Systems allow conventional Raman spectroscopy to be extended into the terahertz/low-frequency region, enabling the exploration of the same range of energy transition as terahertz spectroscopy, without restricting the ability to quantify the fingerprint area.

This area exhibits a new “structural fingerprint” to complement the conventional “chemical fingerprint” of Raman, consequently facilitating concurrent investigation of both chemical composition and molecular structure in a single instrument for complex materials depiction.

It facilitates exact real-time separation of structural attributes of a material, which allows exact recognition and examination of polymorphs, raw material sources, crystal development, flaws and contamination, synthesis methods and phase monitoring.

Simultaneous and real time estimation of structural analysis and composition measurement removes the requirement for various instruments and samples, decreasing capital, maintenance and training costs.


Key Benefits

The main advantages of the THz-Raman® Series platforms are as follows:

  • Rapid, complete and reliable measurements
  • Built-in calibration reference with superior SNR
  • Real-time chemical analysis and structural observation
  • Simple to use and compact
  • Can be adapted with any of the existing Raman systems
  • One Raman estimation offers both molecular structure and chemical composition

Key Features

The main features of THz-Raman® Series platforms are listed below:

  • Simple optical in/out switch shifts the system from optical path when not operational
  • It can be provided as a full custom configured system
  • Compatible with Leica, Nikon, Zeiss and Olympus microscopes
  • Fiber coupling facilitates simple interface to a wide range of spectrometers
  • Fast accumulation of Thz-Raman® spectra from 5cm-1 - >3000 cm-1 (150 GHz- 90 THz)


The THz-Raman® Series platforms are applied in the following areas:

  • Forensics
  • Archeology
  • Mineralogy
  • Polymorph identification and analysis
  • Crystallization and reaction monitoring
  • Structural studies of nano- and bio-materials, photovoltaics, and semiconductors
  • Trace detection and source attribution of explosives/drugs/ hazmat

Ondax TR-PROBE for in-Situ Reaction and Process Monitoring

A variety of sample interface accessories enable the TR-PROBE to be easily configured to match a broad range of applications. The Vial/Cuvette Sample Holder incorporates an adjustable steering mirror, interchangeable focusing lens, and safety shutter.
The Steerable Collimated Beam Mount allows for projection and steering of the collimated output beam with precision alignment, for applications requiring long-range collection paths.
Immersion or Contact probe tips may be mounted with an adjustable tip/tilt probe mount, for longer probes that may need alignment.
Contact probe tips are also available with a fixed SwageLok mount.

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