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THz (Terahertz) Emitter/Detector with Photoconductive Switch/Antenna

Hamamatsu’s G10620 series are terahertz (THz) electromagnetic waves emission/detection modules that are integrated with a lens for THz electromagnetic wave and a low-temperature-grown GaAs(LT-GaAs) based photoconductive switch, also known as photoconductive antenna.

Excluding the protuberance, the small size (30 mm×30 mm×13 mm) helps easy installation in to a system. This module contains a SMA connector to easily connect with other equipment.

For easy setup, M2 and M6 tapping holes are prepared on three faces. There are three prepared electrode patterns of photoconductive switches such as: Bow-tie: G10620-12, Dipole:G10620-11, and Spiral:G10620-13.

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Key Features

  • Compact module helps in easy installation
  • Ideal for both detection and emission
  • SMA connector allows easy connection with other devices


  • Structure inspection
  • Far-infrared spectroscopy
  • Non-contact and nondestructive inspection
  • Material analysis
  • Security, etc.

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