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Integrated FIR for Terahertz Spectroscopy - FIR and CO2 Laser

The FIRL-100 comprises of the CO2 pump laser - PL5 or PL6, as well as the FIR laser - 295-FIR or 395-FIR, accommodated in a built-in structure that integrates a high-performance optically pumped FIR system into a single compact unit. The lasers and coupling optics are mounted within a 5 bar invar rod frame for superior mechanical and thermal stability.

The CO2 section offers 80 lines between 9.1 µm and 10.9 µm, and has a flowing gas single discharge tube providing over 50 W on the sturdiest lines. Mode performance (M2 <1.25) is guaranteed with the use of superior optics as well as the internal profiling of the tube.

The resonator design is based on the well-established PL5 laser, with diffraction grating, piezo ceramic mounted ZnSe output coupler, and two ZnSe Brewster windows. The CO2 laser output is coupled into the FIR laser via a ZnSe focusing lens and two steering mirrors. Through an accurate, two position sliding mirror mechanism, access to the CO2 radiation beam diagnostics for Infrared experiments is available.

Key Features and Applications

  • Far-Infrared (FIR)/Terahertz laser emission: 40 µm – 1.2 mm (7.5 THz – 0.25 THz)
  • FIRL-100 is a FIR laser pumped by a CO2 laser in a single housing
  • Homeland security and scanning
  • Fusion reactor plasma temperature measurement
  • Radar modelling
  • Scattering density measurements

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