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Single Cavity FIR Laser for Terahertz Spectroscopy - The 295

The 295-FIR is a stand-alone far-infrared (FIR) laser, designed for operation with high power CO2 lasers, such as the PL5 or the PL6. The 295-FIR ensures 150 mW and 500 mW standard powers when pumped by the PL5 and the PL6 respectively, and is available at 118.8 µm and 184.3 µm.

The 295-FIR is equipped with a 3 bar invar support frame, and features a similar optical design to the FIRL-100. It has been engineered to allow ultra-high vacuum (UHV) pumping for extended sealed operation, number of lines, and maximum power.

The FIR laser frequencies occur from rotational transitions in an excited vibrational state of a polar gas molecule at low pressure. The optically pumped FIR laser relies on the selective absorption of tunable infrared radiation to generate a population inversion between rotational states, leading to a generation of laser action. In reality a few molecules are selected to provide discrete frequencies throughout the whole FIR spectrum, from 40 µm onwards.

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