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Fast and Accurate Testing of Optical Components with the Talysurf PGI Matrix

The Talysurf PGI Matrix is a fully automated, fast and precise system for precision optics measurement. It offers the well-tested accuracy of the PGI, coupled with rapid, motorized stages, and a new software interface designed for easy usage. It is possible to load and program one lens or a batch of hundreds, and the Talysurf PGI Matrix guarantees precise results with automatic alignment and measurement, along with analysis.

Aspherics analysis utility (AAU) software verifies the quality of optics and reduces time with instant analysis of form error, zone depth, slope error, radius, and spacing. The software is quick to learn, and can offer an easy solution to programming multipart (batch) measurements for high volume applications. New features such as automatic spike removal, cycle-time calculator, P-V/ RMS radius optimization and go-no-go indicators enable users to rapidly optimize set-up parameters, and automate the measurement and analysis process, in a production scenario.

A sag and slope calculator is provided to allow fast verification of designed optical parameters against those programmed into the user interface. It can also check flanking conditions based on stylus/part combination. A measurement time calculator is available to provide precise estimates of measurement cycle times based on current settings.

Key Features

The main features of the Talysurf PGI Matrix are given below:

  • Highly versatile modular system
  • Easy to program
  • Easy to use and offers rapid measurements
  • Fully automatic
  • Advanced software saves production time and increases output
  • Dedicated user-friendly interface is supplied for the specific measurement of optical molds and lenses
  • Packed with powerful analysis tools to improve your capacity and capability
  • Improved utilization
  • Diffractive analysis is possible
  • Automated spike removal and radius optimization offers the most repeatable results
  • Reduced costs and improved manufacturing

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