High Precision Distance Measurement with the LuphoSmart Sensor System

LuphoSmart is a highly precise distance measurement system that is based on multi-wavelength interferometry (MWLI®) technology. Using the MWLI® technology, it is possible to perform non-contact measurement of the distance towards an object surface at nanometre precision.

The LuphoSmart sensor systems offer new dimensions in optical metrology and ultra-precise distance measurement.

Key Features

The main features of the LuphoSmart sensor systems are listed below:

  • Absolute measurement
  • Highly precise and accurate
  • ± 2 nm (2 σ) on polished surfaces
  • Large measurement range and working distance
  • Very low noise
  • Less than ± 0.05 nm
  • Tolerates signal interruption and measures step heights up to 1.25 mm
  • Can operate up to eight probes simultaneously
  • Small probe dimensions and long supply lines
  • Straightforward implementation in existing machines


The typical applications of the LuphoSmart include:

  • Planarity
  • Profile scans
  • Position control
  • Adjustment of assembly groups
  • Roundness and concentricity measurements

LuphoSmart Probes

The LuphoSmart probes are all contained within a small INVAR body with basic dimensions of 18 mm × 37 mm. A 1.5 m supply line, which can be extended up to 20 m, connects the probes to LuphoSmart controllers.

The fully fibre optical setup and the small probe dimensions allow straightforward integration of probes into current measurement systems or production machines.

Customised probes can be provided to suit specific applications. These probes can differ in terms of measuring range, numerical aperture, working distance and enclosure dimensions. Customised adapters can, for example, enable measurements of inner cylinder surfaces. These probes can be operated with any LuphoSmart system.

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