Night Vision System – FLIR PathFindIR II

FLIR’s PathFindIR II is a powerful and advanced thermal night vision camera that allows users to view road hazards clearly in complete darkness and thus alerts them about nearby people, vehicles and animals.

Headlights only allow users to see approximately 450' straight ahead, but the PathFindIR II thermal night vision system sees heat, not light, allowing users to view everything in front of them up to four times farther down the road. Users can see clearly regardless of day and night, or good or bad weather conditions without being blinded by the glare of oncoming headlights.

The PathFindIR II camera is an automotive-qualified system and comes with a built-in automatic window heater. It is hermetically sealed and rated to IP-69. It utilizes 12VDC input power, and traditional NTSC video output for compatibility with most displays or monitors.

The PathFindIR II is based on a 320x240 thermal camera system and offers a 24° field of view. FLIR recommends the Quark or Tau 2 for applications requiring narrower or wider fields of view, different AGC levels, digital zoom, color, smaller packing volume and higher resolutions.

Key Features

The main features of the PathFindIR II thermal night vision camera are:

  • High impact optic: Robust design ensures operability even in adverse environments
  • Optical heater: Automatically activates when temperature reaches 4°C, thus providing use in cold weather conditions
  • Optimized lens: 24° FOV lens balances longer detection range with viewing of either side of road
  • Small form factor: 2.6" × 3.4" × 3.2" enables integration into OEM systems or tight spaces
  • Resolution: 320×240 resolution provides sharp and clear images and greater viewing distances
  • Sealed design: IP69 rated, hermetically sealed offers additional insurance in all weather conditions
  • Digital data and control sets: Provides OEMs with more functions and integration possibilities


The PathFindIR II thermal night vision camera is used in the following applications:

  • Automotive and trucking OEMs
  • Mining
  • Fire rescue
  • Recreational vehicles
  • Maritime
  • UGVs
  • Emergency response vehicles
  • Passenger vehicle aftermarket
  • Transportation and driving vision enhancement applications

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