Longwave Infrared (LWIR) Imager – FLIR Lepton

FLIR has introduced Lepton, an advanced longwave infrared (LWIR) imager that is 10 times less expensive than conventional IR cameras. It is a complete IR camera solution and provides a resolution of 80 × 60 active pixels.

The FLIR Lepton® is ultra- compact and can be easily fitted inside a cell phone. It brings thermal imaging to a new generation of electronic instruments for work, play and mission-critical applications.

The LWIR imager is available in three models such as 25° FOV without shutter, 50° FOV without shutter and 50° FOV with shutter for manual calibration.

Key Features

The main features of the FLIR Lepton are as follows:

  • Low cost
  • Improved IR sensor
  • Ultra-compact thermal Imager
  • Easy Integration
  • Thermal imaging for stationary and mobile electronics
  • Greater heat detection than traditional thermopile arrays
  • Simplified R & D of emerging thermal-enabled devices

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