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Polarizing Beam Splitters for Non-Imaging and Imaging Applications

ProFlux® beamsplitter Nanowire® Technology is optimized to operate at 45°, offering durable polarizing beam splitters. These beam splitters can be used for a range of both non-imaging and imaging applications for display products and scientific instruments. The wide angular aperture, excellent performance and high reliability offer an excellent design choice for the ProFlux polarizing beamsplitter.

It is made with highly durable materials and enables pure polarization that offers a bright image and high contrast for the projector's life. The ProFlux polarization mechanism is in alignment with the LC display and has excellent polarization uniformity even over large apertures offering long-lasting, high contrast displays.

Key Features

The key features of polarizing beam splitters are:

  • The PBS02 beamsplitter offers excellent image contrast and uniformity
  • Moxtek beamsplitters are a natural fit for any application requiring a long service life, exceptional contrast, large angular apertures, and high light intensity or brightness
  • The PBF02 beamsplitter can be used at 45° and offers good transmission and excellent contrast on a substrate with improved flatness properties.
  • Flat polarizing beamsplitters are a specific product engineered for imaging applications where astigmatism is a concern.
  • The quality of both the reflected and the transmitted wave-front meets the requirements of imaging applications in scientific and display applications
  • The PBF-UFA beamsplitter is the best performing beamsplitter that can meet the most challenging requirements of projection display uniformity, color alignment, and overlay.
  • The HEPBF High-Efficiency Beamsplitter has all the characteristics of PBF02 with improved performance in Tp, and Rs.
  • The HCPBF High Contrast Beamsplitter has all the characteristics of PBF02 with improved contrast performance.

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