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Optical Surfaces Beam Collimators

All of Optical Surfaces' collimators are constructed in thick-walled aluminium tube, in blue or white as standard, with matt black internal walls. The optics are made from zero-expansion glass ceramic to ensure stability over a wide range of temperatures, are secured by stress-free mounts and aligned in our laboratory. To facilitate ease of use each of the collimator's feet are adjustable by +/-10mm for centre height adjustment.

  • The combined optical performance is better than lambda/5 p-v at 633nm wavefront in the field centre.
  • Achromatic performance can be used at any wavelength from infra-red through the visible into ultra-violet.
  • An output port is provided giving a measured distance to the focal plane of each collimator. Output ports with custom-designed holes and platforms are available on request.
  • Invar tied optics where necessary to stabilize focal plane.
  • Field 20mm to cover standard black bodies. Larger sizes on request.
  • Collimators are supplied with interferograms and analysis showing wavefront accuracy, and measured data includes focal length and distance.
  • Unless specifically requested all standard models are coated with Al+MgF2.

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