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LF40+ TE-cooled CCD Camera Featuring the KAI-04022 Kodak Sensor from Artemis CCD

Part of the LF range of TE-cooled CCD scientific cameras, the Artemis LF40+ CCD camera integrates the best from Truesense (Kodak) and has been designed for applications that demand maximum pixel size in large, full frame sensors.

The LF40+ features the KAI-04022 Kodak sensor and benefits from two-stage cooling with optional water assistance. The Truesense sensors need dark frames to be utilized for calibration, and these must be achieved at the same temperature as the primary image. The LF40+ is capable of achieving this via a full set-point temperature regulation utilizing a two-stage peltier element and fan.

The LF40+ CCD camera can be adapted as a semi-custom camera for unique OEM applications.

Key Features

The main features of the LF40+ TE-cooled CCD camera are:

  • KAI-04022 Kodak sensor
  • Two-stage cooling with optional water assistance
  • Comprehensive software development kit
  • Fully compatible with third party image acquisition programs
  • Can be adapted as semi-custom camera for specific OEM applications

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