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QS14 TE-cooled CCD Scientific Camera integrated with a 1.4MPixel ICX-285 Sony sensor from Artemis CCD

Part of the QS range of TE-cooled CCD scientific cameras, the QS14 CCD camera comes in a compact yet versatile form factor. It integrates a 1.4MPixel ICX-285 Sony sensor, offers a total resolution of 1392 x 1040/1.4M, has a pixel size of 6.45µm, and weighs 400g.

The QS range was designed to enhance image acquisition speed and simultaneously maintain the high levels of image quality. Using USB power, uncooled operation can be achieved and with a 12VDC power supply, low noise images can be attained from the peltier cooled CCD. However, the 12VDC power supply must be disconnected when the cooler is not in use.

Additionally, OEM customers can request for specific changes to meet their exact requirements.

Key Features

The main features of the QS14 TE-cooled CCD camera are:

  • Integrates 1.4MPixel ICX-285 Sony sensor
  • Offers total resolution of 1392 x 1040/1.4M
  • Improves image acquisition speed
  • Maintains high levels of image quality
  • 6.45µm pixel size
  • Uncooled operation achieved from USB power
  • Weighs 400g

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