TA51 Visual Autocollimator from Taylor Hobson

The TA51 has a broad range and also maintains a high measurement accuracy. This system is popular in measurement and also in calibrating indexing heads and other angular devices such as polygons and clinometers. Combined with Taylor Hobson's alignment software (manual data input) this system can offer measurement features such as angle straightness, squareness and parallelism.

It is possible to calibrate the system to traceable standards given the operator full confidence in results and maintaining high measurement integrity. The system is provided with a sturdy base with levelling capability enabling fast simple setup

Key Features

The key features of the TA51 visual autocollimator are:

  • Dual Axis micrometers
  • Accuracy to 0.5 arc seconds
  • Simple to use robust design with dual axis display
  • large measurement range of 10 mins
  • Wide range of accessories

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