Form Talysurf PGI Dimension – Precision Optical Metrology from Taylor Hobson

The Talysurf PGI Dimension is a dedicated metrology instrument that enables precision measurement of 3D form of steep and shallow aspherical lenses and moulds from less than 2mm and up to 200mm diameter.

The instrument continues expanding the capabilities of the Talysurf family of instruments. Developed from the Talysurf PGI Blu, the Talysurf PGI Dimension combines a wider range of part diameters (up to 200 mm) with new features supporting 3D measurement. Repeatability can be typically lower than 50nm. PGI Dimension is an instrument ideal for R&D and factory floor requirements offering excellent cost saving to the company.

Key Features

The key features of the Talysurf PGI Dimension are:

  • The Talysurf PGI Dimension offers high flexibility to customers. Optical measurements range from small components with high degrees of slope and up to parts of 200mm in diameter with 20mm of sag. This enables the Talysurf 3D Optics to measure optics used in a range of applications including: cell phones, digital cameras, Blu-Ray players, projectors, medical and infra-red thermal imaging as used for rescue systems and security.
  • Routine setup and completely automatic measurement software enables "one-click" calibration and execution of a sequence of repeatable measurements
  • Can determine steep slopes up to 85 degrees for 60mm lens
  • Automatic 3D visualization and analysis astigmatic
  • Aspheric Analysis software including diffractive analysis

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