Photon etc V-EOS Widefield Hyperspectral Imager

The V-EOS Hyperspectral Imager from Photon etc offers complete information on the target with complete resolution images at any wavelength in the range 400 to 1000 nm. Photon etc’s V-EOS will completely change how you view spectral analysis.

Key Features

The key features of V-EOS widefield hyperspectral imager are:

  • Continuously tunable
  • Control and analysis software
  • Non-dispersive technology
  • High-performance CCD
  • Motorized focus


The applications of the V-EOS are:

  • Mining, oil and gas operations: The Photonic Knowledge’s Core Mapper offers an array of monochromatic images at user-specified wavelengths, offering instant in situ mineral identification. Spatial resolution is then 900 times better, and field of view is 1666 times wider than any presently available handheld mineral spectrometer. It can provide fast mineralogy fields mapping services, as high as 1500 drill core meters per day with a single imager.

  • Dermatology: This method involves acquiring then analyzing a hyper-spectral data cube using adjustable wavelength spacing or image sizing. The patented non-scanning technology of Photon etc provides images with an unmatched combined spectral/spatial resolution. This helps in mapping oxygen, hemoglobin, deoxyhemoglobin and melanin in tissues, thus facilitating diagnosis and monitoring of treatments, including in the context of dermatological clinical studies.

  • Environment and agriculture: There are a large number of potential applications for hyperspectral imaging in the fields of environment and agriculture. In all cases, the identification of any type of molecule is done by analyzing its characteristic spectrum. The range of instruments offer unique solutions whether it is for the analysis of contaminants in soils, the sugar or water content of fruits or fat and protein levels in liquids.


Spectral Channels Continuously tunable
Spatial Resolution 2 mm at 1.20 m with a FOV of 1.85 m x 1.35 m
Spectral Range 400 - 1000 nm
Standard Field of View (custom available) 72º Horizontal, 50º Vertical
Calibration Automatic
Wavelenght absolute accuracy < 0.4 nm
Entrance Slit Size No slit / Full field of view measured for each wavelength
Spectral Width Sampling ≥ 0.1 nm programmable
Spectral Resolution 2 nm
Spectral Image Rate 3 fps
Pixel Size 6.45 µm x 6.45 µm
Dynamic Range (digitization) 14 bit
CCD Frame Rate 13.5 fps
Smile Distortion ≤ 0.5 nm
Keystone Distorsion No
Barrel Distortion ≤ 2% due to widefield entrance optics
Noise Level 7e- RMS @ 25 MHz
Camera Type Interline
Camera Acquisition (linear or matrix) Matrix
Lens Mount Standard C-Mount (option for CS-mount)
Camera Interface USB
Frame Grabber Needed No
Exposure Control PHySpec software controlled
Binning (horizontal and vertical) 1x1 ; 1x2 ; 2x1 ; 2x2
Detector Type CCD
Focus Motorized
Software & Data Processing
Operating System Windows XP SP2, Vista, 7
Acquisition PHySpec software
Preprocessing Image stabilization, spatial filtering, statistical tools, spectrum extraction, data normalization, spectral calibration
Hyperspectral Data Format FITS
Single Image data format FITS, PNG, TIFF, JPG
Spectrum Data Format JPG, PNG, TIFF, CSV, PDF, SGV
Option C++ SDK plugin interface included
Motor Control
Control Step motor driver embedded
Power Supply 24 V
Dimensions, Weight & Power
Footprint 305 mm x 610 mm x 270 mm
Weight 20 kg
Power Consumption ≤ 20 W (including CCD)
Mounting 305mmx610mm optical breadboard; ¼ imperial threaded
Tripod Optional
Environmental Conditions
Operation Temperature 10 - 40ºC
Storage Temperature 0 - 50ºC
Computer Not included
Objective Lens Included
Reference Panels Reflectance standard and calibration lamp


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