Channeltron Electron Multipliers for Mass Spectrometry from PHOTONIS

The Channeltron Electron Multipliers from PHOTONIS provide the highest sensitivity through noise reduction and signal collection. They are designed for mass spectrometry. The multipliers also offer the highest dynamic range to guarantee a linear reaction beyond the limit of a large number of analytic instruments. The recently improved design has enabled the Channeltron Electron Multipliers to operate at higher voltage, to yield improved ion-to-electron conversion, and to enhance sensitivity at higher masses.

The Channeltron Electron Multipliers are available in a variety of shapes and sizes for legacy and current mass spectrometers. Customers can specify grids, cones, coatings, leads and collectors, or can choose one of the company’s standardized models.

Key Features

The features of the Channeltron Electron Multipliers are:

  • Superior sensitivity through noise reduction and signal collection
  • Unsurpassed dynamic range
  • Consistent performance over a longer lifetime
  • Economical choice in mass spectrometer detection
  • High voltage operation
  • Improved detection efficiency at higher masses
  • Wide range of shapes and sizes
  • Extended dynamic range option

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