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LYNX Low-Light Digital CMOS Sensor from PHOTONIS

The Lynx CMOS Sensor available from PHOTONIS is a full solid-state technology-based Night Vision and Homeland Security Digital Sensor that operates in both low-light level and daylight. It connects night vision to Command and Control (C4I) in suburban and urban surveillance at night.

The Lynx CMOS Sensor is designed to operate in low-light level conditions. It is suitable for surveillance purposes where high-resolution detection is critical across varying light conditions. The new sensor can be easily integrated into a number of camera platforms.


The product features of the Lynx CMOS Sensor are:

  • 1.3 MP image sensor with SXGA 1280x1024 resolution
  • Excellent functioning in low-light level conditions
  • Frame rates up to 100 fps at full resolution with < 4e- read noise
  • Power consumption under 350 mW
  • Solid-state technology
  • Low-light-to-daylight imaging


The applications of the Lynx CMOS Sensor are:

  • CCTV security and surveillance
  • Man-portable vision systems
  • Unmanned remote posts
  • Vehicle protection
  • Passive low light level imaging

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