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Optical Receivers for Communication by PHOTONIS

The Optical Receiver from PHOTONIS enhances sensitivity in high-speed optical communication applications. It offers a 12 mm active collection area for identifying fast optical signals ranging from green to ultraviolet spectral region. The receiver maintains high data rates through various gain stages, which are set to provide output levels ideal for communication signals. This new component received a Prism Award for Photonic Innovation in 2010.

Key Features

The key features of the Optical Receiver are:

  • Supports high data rates up to 2 GHz
  • High voltage power supply with 12 V input
  • Large 12 mm active input diameter
  • High-speed signal output with a 50 Ω cable and an SMA connector


The applications of the Optical Receiver are:

  • High-speed optical communications
  • line-of-sight, through-the-air unmanned optical systems

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