PLANACON Large Area Photon Detector from PHOTONIS

The PLANACON photon detector, available from PHOTONIS, is a square-shaped detector that allows many detectors to be tiled to form a larger image. The detector is based on a microchannel plate design to provide higher resolution across several applications.

The PLANACON photon detector is suitable for a number of photon detection applications where larger images are required. It is offered in three versions: a 25 µm pore 8x8 array, 25 µm pore 32x32 array and 10 µm pore 8x8 array.


The key features of the PLANACON photon detector are:

  • Unique square shape
  • Features microchannel plate based design
  • Provides superior protection to magnetic fields to B>2 Tesla
  • Multitude of application-specific read-out configurations


The applications of the PLANACON photon detector are:

  • Ring Imaging Cherenkov detector
  • Specialized medical imaging
  • High energy physics detectors
  • LIDAR/LADAR systems

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