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Image Intensifier Tubes from PHOTONIS

PHOTONIS’ Image Intensifier Tubes are utilized for amplifying low-light level images in a broad range of wavelength to observable levels. The microchannel plate technology provides fast response times and clear images for superior detection. Image Intensifier Tubes can be prepared with 18, 25 or 40 mm microchannel plates, and along with different types of phosphor screens and photocathodes to help identify the spectral wavelength required for different applications.


The key features of the Image Intensifier Tubes are:

  • Amplification of low-light level images
  • Microchannel plate technology for superior detection
  • Wide wavelength choice to observable levels
  • Variety of phosphor screens and photocathodes


The applications of the Image Intensifier Tubes are:

  • Low-light imaging
  • Night vision
  • Homeland security
  • High-speed imaging
  • Non-destructive testing – examining integrated circuit boards or food safety
  • Spectroscopy
  • Fluorescence detection
  • Medical diagnostics

Additional Options

The additional options of the Image Intensifier Tubes are:

  • Coatings
  • Gating types
  • Input window types
  • Power supplies

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