Microchannel Plates (MCPs) from PHOTONIS

PHOTONIS’ Microchannel Plates (MCPs) are available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and options to support a range of imaging applications. They can also be ordered to specific pitch/pore sizes, image grade, bias angles, aspect ratios and phosphor screens to enhance the angular dependency of soft X-ray and UV detection.

The MCPs are available in different models. They LongLife Microchannel Plates are made of Long-Life glass formulation and offer higher gain, lower dark current and longer life. They provide sustained output up to ten times greater than other MCPs. MountingPad MCPs, which includes Extended Dynamic Range as an option, are rimless microchannel plates patented to prevent extreme noise due to damaged pores or trapped gas.

TruFlite MCPs are designed to control and enhance time jitter and ion arrival time in time-of-flight mass spectrometry. They are offered in 18 and 25 mm sizes with a 19° bias angle and a 2 µm pore size, or a 40 mm MCP with a 19° bias angle and a 5 µm pore size. Stripline MPCs, image-grade detectors, have numerous layers of electroding material to capture images of high-speed charged particle events sequentially. Micro Pore Optic MCPs comprise millions of square channels set in order. They are designed for X-Ray imaging purposes on interplanetary space missions.

PHOTONIS MCPs are offered in three categorizations: Detection Grade for signal applications, Image Grade for imaging or position sensing applications and Premium Grade for imaging applications.

Key Features

The features of the Microchannel Plates are:

  • Wide range of sizes, shapes and options applications
  • Supports a number of imaging applications
  • Superior performance
  • Highest L/D ratio
  • Sustained output
  • Extended operation and decreased downtime


The applications of the Microchannel Plates are:

  • Signal detection – Time-of-Flight mass spectrometry, point detectors and residual gas analysis
  • Imaging or position sensing – readout devices, image intensifier tubes, ultra-fast cathode ray tubes, magnetic sector mass spectrometry, VUV spectrometry and analytical techniques such as ESCA
  • Imaging detection – image intensifiers, photography and space exploration

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