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Resolve Optics 60 mm f/3.5 UV Forensic Lens

Ultraviolet can often be very expensive and it can be difficult to find a lens that meets your specific needs.

Of the many UV lenses Resolve Optics has designed over the years, most are designed for specific specialised applications. The lenses listed in this section have been selected as those suitable for the widest range of applications.

Designed specifically for forensic RUVIS this is a full featured high performance UV lens. The lens has an extended magnification range by using a novel telescopic focussing mount giving a large movement in an extremely compact form. This is perhaps the first lens of any type that offers the capability to image objects from infinity down to 1:1.25 magnification without using add-on adapters.


  • 17.5mm diameter
  • Waveband 230 to 500 nm
  • The UV antireflection coating offers >99% transmission per surface
  • Compact design


  • Research
  • Industrial
  • Forensic

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