High Vacuum Precision Rotation Stage - PRS-110 from PI miCos

The PRS-110 precision rotation stages can be used in a wide range of industrial and scientific applications. The PRS-110 modular size and specifications are a good match with both the LS-110 linear stages and ES-100 elevation stages.

The body is fabricated from a special, high-rigidity tempered aluminium alloy. Two calibrated and preloaded four-point contact bearings guarantee excellent wobble, flatness and eccentricity specifications. A hardened and ground worm screw combined with a calibrated worm gear insure smooth and accurate motion. The PRS-110 precision rotation stages can be equipped with optical angular scales. Resolutions to 0.0002° are standard.

Drawing on the extensive experience of PI miCos GmbH in the field of precision positioning in both vacuum and cryogenic environments, the PRS-110 is available configured for either HV or UHV operation.

Special attention is paid to material choice, preparation, finish and selection of lubrication materials for moving parts. The basic stage is enhanced by detail design changes to minimise and where possible remove the potential for trapped volumes. Wiring is reconfigured with appropriate insulation materials and the highest quality vacuum prepared stepper motors are selected. Optional UHV compatible limit switches are available. Final test of the stages are carried out in the PI miCos GmbH vacuum facility. Bake-out and out-gassing specifications are available on request.

Key Features (HV)

  • Uni-directional repeatability down to 0.0002°
  • Maximum speed 18°/sec, 6°/sec
  • Load capacity up to 8 kg
  • Reference switches in ceramic-gold [plastic]
  • Clear aperture 35 mm
  • Preloaded worm drive for zero backlash
  • Precise, smooth continuous 360° motion
  • Optionally: Optical Angular Encoder vacuum type
  • Accessories: D-type Connectors & Feedthroughs

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