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Compact Stick-Slip Piezo Motor, PI N-422

The compact stick-slip PI N-422 Piezomotor-based direct drive has an OEM actuator without position sensor. The motor features continuous motion with step frequencies in the ultrasound range. Easy integration of the motor is possible i.e. the housing can either be bolted to a level surface (N-412) or mounted via a threaded flange (N-422).

PIShift inertia drive is self-locking and there is no heat generation when at rest. The motor features a noiseless drive with operating frequencies beyond 20 kHz. Resolution in step mode is approximately 300 nm, open-loop.

Key Features

The key features of the PI N-422 are:

  • Simple integration: Two mounting versions
  • Quiet: Drive frequency >20 kHz
  • Velocity over 5 mm/s
  • Sub-micron resolution
  • Holding force to 10 N
  • Low operating voltage to 48 Vpp
  • Self-locking, no heat generation at rest
  • Applications

The applications of the PI N-422 are:

  • Research and industry
  • Alignment of optical elements
  • Micromanipulation
  • Biotechnology
  • Cell manipulation,
  • Medical technology

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