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During assembly of a new experimental setup or application, it is essential to choose the right detector for measurement and display of a laser signal in terms of energy or power or its time-resolved behavior. The wavelengths of the different types of lasers encompasses the range from UV to IR. However, it is necessary to use the most suited detector to obtain the best possible measurement result.

The impact of the detector characteristics such as response time, wavelength gain or sensitivity determines the selection. This Pi miCos experimental kit shows the different properties of a set of photo detectors to learn how to get optimized results if the right detector is selected with respect to spectral sensitivity and temporal response.

The set comprises semiconductor and thermoelectric types which will be analyzed in their characteristics like spectral sensitivity or response time. Further, the impact of different kinds of electronic supply circuits for the detectors is shown in the experiment.

The spectral characteristics are determined by using a white light source in combination with a monochromator, and the response time is evaluated by means of a fast modulated laser. For compensation of spectral distribution of the used light source and monochromator, a wavelength independent detector is used.

Absolute values can be determined by using a calibrated power meter which may be offered optionally.

Educational Objectives

The educational objectives of the Pi miCos kit are:

  • Black Body Radiation
  • White Light Lamp
  • Monochromator
  • Semiconductor Photo detectors
  • Thermoelectric Photo Detector
  • Photovoltaic, photoconductive and transimpedance mode
  • Photodetector Response
  • Spectral Characterization

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