Compact Optics Rotation Stage PI miCos DT-80 R

The rotation stage DT-80 R is an economic alternative to the PI miCos DT-65 N and PRS-110 high-precision rotation stages. The belt-driven DT-80R rotation stage enables a high rotation speed when compared to other stages. The 40 mm diameter aperture is suitable for several applications in the microscopy area. The belt-driven combination is preloaded to produce a nearly zero backlash and smooth motion. DT-80 R rotation stages are equipped with hall reference switches and are driven by a DC or 2-phase stepper motor. Furthermore, the DT-80 R can be ordered with smc pollux motor- controller module.

Key features

The product features of the PI miCos DT-80 R are:

  • Maximum speed 1170 °/sec
  • Load capacity up to 2 kg
  • Uni-directional repeatability down to 0.01 °
  • Integrated reference switches
  • Clear aperture 40 mm
  • Rotation range 360°, endless

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