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Terahertz and IR Band Pass Filters from Lake Shore Cryogenics

Each filter has a full transmission profile. Full width half max bandwidth (FWHM) and measured centre wavelength are included. These filters are particularly designed for applications requiring high consistency and precision, especially when used in extreme conditions. More than 100 standard models include more than 25 center wavelengths spanning from 10 to 590 µm (about 500 GHz to 30 THz), ensuring that researchers who want to do away with custom engineering charges and continue with their work without delay.

The BPF Series filters were originally developed for NASA and qualified for the SOFIA stratospheric telescope program perform excellently under difficult environmental conditions including extreme cryogenic temperatures, thermal cycling, high gamma radiation, vacuum/pressure cycles and vibration.

These filters are completely manufactured by Lake Shore in Columbus, OH and are available without restriction for everyday applications and classified programs.

Key Features

The key features of the terahertz and IR band pass filters are:

  • Precision frequency selective surfaces (FSS) with high spectral resolution
  • Narrow pass bands with superior transmission
  • Pure gold filter element for best results
  • Designed for use in cryostats and adjacent to cooled detectors
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Superior performance with “stacked” configurations

Typical Applications

The applications of terahertz and IR band pass filters are:

  • THz and FTIR spectroscopy and materials characterization
  • THz device characterization and testing
  • THz and millimeter wave imaging/security
  • Ground and space-based astronomy and astrophysics
  • General electro-optics research

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