OpticAlignment - X-Ray Alignment

The OpticAlignment is a computer-controlled, motorized alignment system that maximizes the X‑ray flux from VariMax optics. Small Picomotor™ actuators adjust the micrometers on the VariMax optic to maximize the X-ray flux measured by a PIN diode meter through a pinhole at the sample position. Never again wonder if you have the most intense beam possible from your Rigaku generator and VariMax optics. Any time you change a filament, polish the anode, or simply want to verify that you have the best possible X-ray beam, start up OpticAlignment. With the click of the mouse, within minutes the X-ray flux at the crystal position is maximized.

Safe and Easy

No need to optimize beam intensity manually since OpticAlignment will do it for you with the click of a button.

Reproducible Intensities

Computer-controlled actuators accurately and reproducibly maximize the flux at your sample, ensuring that you always get the most out of your Rigaku X-ray source.

More sensitive than an analog meter or ionization chamber

Digital flux readings enable the high precision actuators to adjust the beam position more precisely than a person could by hand with an analog meter, ensuring that you always have the maximum flux possible hitting your samples.


  • Be confident that your X-ray beam has the maximum possible intensity on your crystals.
  • No need for direct beam shots after filament changes, since the collimator is not moved during optimization.
  • Easily maximize intensity after a filament change or any anode work.
  • Quickly confirm that bumping or changing the collimator does not change the flux.
  • No need to wait for a trained service expert to optimize the intensity of your system.
  • No chance of accidental X-ray exposure since you are never near the optic when the shutter is open.


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