Multi-Channel Framing Camera - SIM02 from Specialised Imaging

The SIM02 Specialised Imaging Multi-Channel Framing Camera, using ultra high-resolution image intensifiers, no-compromise optical design, and double pulsing takes ultra high-speed framing to the next level of flexibility.

The SIM02 Specialised Imaging Multi-Channel Framing Cameras offer the ultimate in ultra-high-speed imaging performance to scientists and engineers across all disciplines.

The all-new custom optical design offers up to 16 separate channels without compromising resolution, shading, or parallax.

Additional advantage of an innovative auxiliary view port, allowing other optical instruments makes this the most versatile imaging system on the market.


Features of the SIM02 Multi-Channel Framing Cameras include:

  • Up to 16 discrete intensified optical channels
  • Images are free from lag or ghosting
  • Hybrid beamsplitter to overcome parallax and improve resolution
  • Innovative supplementary optical port for additional imaging instrumentation
  • Customisable spectral response
  • Ultra high resolution intensifiers
  • 1360(H) x 1024(V) 12 bit images
  • Computer controlled via standard ethernet link


The SIM02 Multi-Channel Framing Cameras is suited to applications such as:

  • Ballistics
  • Combustion Research
  • Failure Dynamics
  • Elasticity, Crack Propagation and Shock resistance
  • Medical Research and testing
  • Detonics
  • Impact Studies
  • Spray and Particle Analysis
  • Automotive testing
  • Nanotechnology and micro-machines

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