Powerful Benchtop XRD Analysis-ARL EQUINOX 1000 XRD

The ARL EQUINOX 1000 X-Ray Diffractometer from Thermo Scientific provides users with an easy yet strong benchtop XRD analyzer. This allows them to undergo real-time measurements. This XRD instrument has been highly powered and constructed for QA applications, as well as routing X-Ray diffraction studies.

The ARL EQUINOX 1000 X-Ray Diffractometer offers maintenance-free, high-resolution performance and streamlined operation. The software comprises the necessary operating conditions.

When the experiment is complete, the operating conditions and finished tasks are outlined in an analysis report. The EQUINOX 1000 X-Ray Diffractometer is able to run in batch mode or unattended with the help of a 30-position autosampler.


  • There is no requirement for scanning, and the complete two Ɵ ranges are quantified in real-time at the same time.
  • All diffraction peaks could be quantified concurrently over an extensive angular range, courtesy of the diverse EQUINOX curved detector. Analysis of almost all samples is completed in just a few minutes, irrespective of the resolution needs.
  • This could be applied in the metallurgy, environmental, mining, cement, education, pharmaceuticals, research, and geology industries.
  • The sample holders available consist of a spinning sample holder. For reflection and transmission modes, a capillary sample holder. For transmission mode, an automatic six or 30-position sample changer; and a small, thin layer attachment.

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