Discover KPM Analytics’ Range of Over-Line Vision Inspection Systems

KPM Analytics' over-line vision inspection systems use a compact sensor head mounted directly over an existing production line to scan every object that passes beneath, in any orientation and at any belt speed, to generate a continuous stream of critical QA data, such as size, shape, and color attributes, as well as production metrics like throughput, uptime, and capacity.


  • From the top, several camera and illumination kinds are supported
  • Simple to install and use: the system can be up and running in hours (mounts directly over the existing production line)
  • Stainless steel sensor head with integrated waterproof illumination that is fully washable
  • Creates production metrics (uptime, throughput, etc.)
  • Fast: supports objects of any size at production rates of up to 100 objects per second
  • Rugged: can be installed directly in tough conditions
  • Data and reports can be shared with other systems
  • Conveyor widths range from 300 mm to 2 m (12″ to 6.5″)
  • Available models: OL-300 to OL-200
  • The single-file rejection system is supported


  • Maintains consistent product quality across batches, shifts and sites
  • Reporting saves time because all results are saved and organized
  • When compared to manual approaches, users can learn more about their goods
  • Reduce waste and cut expenditures, which improves the company’s bottom line
  • Gain a competitive advantage
  • Brand protection
  • Using the analysis data, make quick judgments and adjustments to the production process


100% Inspection Made Easy

Over-Line systems can measure over 200 different sizes, shapes, and color attributes for every product that passes beneath the sensor head. These metrics can then be used to provide real-time operator feedback and ensure product criteria are met.

Typical Applications Include

  • Identification of non-conforming products
  • Counting each object to track throughput
  • Physical product qualities such as shape, size, and color of baked goods, meat, poultry, cheese, eggs, fruit, vegetables, and pet food are measured to detect quality issues
  • Detection of foreign objects

Finished Product Examples

  • Frozen pizza and pizza bases
  • Meat and poultry (breaded, grilled, patties, raw, etc.)
  • Biscuits, cookies, crackers
  • Cheese products (wax-covered, blocks, snack pieces, etc.)
  • Bread products (buns, bagels, loaves, baguettes, english muffins, muffins, croissants, etc.)
  • Snack foods (potato chips, chocolates, candies, French fries, snack bars, pretzels, desserts, etc.)

Snack Bars.

Snack Bars. Image Credit: KPM Analytics


Cheese. Image Credit: KPM Analytics


Pizza. Image Credit: KPM Analytics

Tortilla Bread.

Tortilla Bread. Image Credit: KPM Analytics

Baked Goods.

Baked Goods. Image Credit: KPM Analytics

Tortilla Chips.

Tortilla Chips. Image Credit: KPM Analytics 

How It Works

Over-Line vision inspection systems identify and measure objects as they move along the included conveyor belt using a combination of high-speed cameras, a laser, and imaging software.

To Begin Inspecting Products:

  1. Activate the vision system when production of a specific product starts
  2. Choose the product file and press Start
  3. Make any necessary specification changes before tapping start, either on the integrated operator interface or with any PC connected to the same network
  4. The system will do the remaining

Discover KPM Analytics’ Range of On-Line Vision Inspection Systems

Image Credit: KPM Analytics

It is easy to create or adjust product profiles using the software (included). The user has to enter the specifications and save them. The next time the profile gets loaded, the changes will be applied.

The software package and measurement algorithms can determine the size, shape, color, or composite measurement of any object and turn this information into standard units for quality control. The results are shown in real-time, and the data for each object is retained for future study and reporting.

These measurements can then be used to provide real-time operator feedback and ensure product criteria are met. Operators can view all measurements in several graphical and numerical representations. Product measurement data and raw photos can also be automatically saved for future examination and historical reporting.

Easy to Install, Operate and Maintain

The small footprint and integrated, adjustable stand allow the system to fit into confined locations with minimal changes to existing conveyors, and no laning or spreading conveyors are required upstream of the system.

To ensure lifespan and ease of maintenance, all of the system’s components are standard, off-the-shelf parts available from various sources, with no proprietary components employed.

Customizable Solutions

KPM Analytics has the experience and capability to design a specially tailored solution in a standard system to satisfy users’ inspection requirements, courtesy of a highly trained in-house engineering staff.

Customized designs, minimal mechanical footprints and sophisticated imaging techniques are all possible, as are additional conveyors before or after the system to ensure a perfect fit.

System Components

The Over-Line systems mount directly over existing production lines, allowing for quick and easy installation. Due to its small size and being lightweight, it does not require elaborate constructions or conveyor adjustments.

Furthermore, an Over-Line system includes everything the user needs to get started measuring the items and seeing the impact and benefits of 100% inspection: lighting, computer, touchscreen, all necessary cables, and mounting hardware.

Discover KPM Analytics’ Range of On-Line Vision Inspection Systems

Image Credit: KPM Analytics


Discover KPM Analytics’ Range of On-Line Vision Inspection Systems

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