In-Line Vision Systems for Food Manufacturers

The In-Line Vision Inspection Solutions (EyePro or Sightline brand) from KPM Analytics are designed to fit into any new or existing production line swiftly, as they are customizable. These turn-key solutions provide 3D, full-color, 360-degree product quality inspection solutions that can extract various quality variables at speeds of up to 100 items per second.

Each system includes a conveyor, cameras customized for the user’s specific application, rejection options and the company’s proprietary software suite for enhanced process control.


  • A built-in library of over 100 measurements, which is constantly growing
  • 100% inspection with rejection, up to 100 objects per second
  • Multiple camera and lighting types are supported
  • For complete control at the line, an operator interface is included
  • Easily integrates into current production lines
  • Produces production statistics (uptime, throughput, etc.)
  • Incorporated variable speed inspection conveyor
  • Options for rejection mechanisms
  • On-demand customization is possible
  • Bottom and side cameras are optional


  • Saving money and reducing waste to help the company’s bottom line.
  • Using the analysis data, make rapid judgments and adjustments to the production process.
  • Reporting saves time since all results are preserved and arranged.
  • In comparison to manual approaches, one can learn more about the product.
  • Brand security becuase you can produce consistent, high-quality product.
  • Confirmation that only products that satisfy the specified requirements reach the buyer.
  • Develop a competitive advantage using your manufacturing process.
  • Verify that product quality is consistent across batches, shifts and locations.


Measure Quality Where it Matters

Typical Applications Include:

  • Generate production metrics (item counts, uptime, throughput, etc.).
  • Foreign object detection.
  • Non-conforming goods are identified and rejected from the production flow.
  • Evaluation of the physical qualities of baked goods, meat, poultry, cheese, eggs, fruit, vegetables, and pet food, including shape, size and color to detect quality issues.

Finished Product Examples:

  • Products containing cheese (blocks, snack pieces, wax-covered, etc.)
  • Poultry and meat (Raw, breaded, grilled, patties, etc.)
  • Bread products (loaves, buns, baguettes, bagels, croissants, English muffins, muffins, etc)
  • Cookies, crackers and biscuits
  • Snack items (snack bars, pretzels, potato chips, French fries, desserts, chocolates, candies, chewing gum, etc.)
  • Frozen pizza and pizza bases

Bread Products.

Bread Products. Image Credit: KPM Analytics, Inc.


Pizza. Image Credit: KPM Analytics, Inc.


Buns. Image Credit: KPM Analytics, Inc.


Cookies. Image Credit: KPM Analytics, Inc.

Tortilla Bread.

Tortilla Bread. Image Credit: KPM Analytics, Inc.

English Muffins.

English Muffins. Image Credit: KPM Analytics, Inc.

How It Works

Real-Time Analysis, Inspection and Statistical Control

In-Line vision inspection systems identify and measure objects as they move along a conveyor belt using a combination of high-speed cameras, a laser and image software.

In-Line Vision Systems for Food Manufacturers

Image Credit: KPM Analytics, Inc.

When the manufacturing of a specific product begins, activate the vision system to begin inspecting. Merely choose the product profile and press the Start button.

Make any necessary specification changes before tapping start using the provided operator interface or any PC linked to the same network. The system will take care of everything else. Any non-conforming items can be discarded or recirculated to a different processing stream.

The software makes it simple to change or build product profiles. All the user has to do is enter their requirements and save. The modifications will be implemented the next time the profile is loaded.

Any object’s size, shape, color or composite measurement can be determined using the software package and measuring algorithms, and this information can be converted into standard units for quality control purposes. The data for each object is retained for future analysis and reporting, and the results are displayed in real-time.

These metrics can subsequently be used to provide real-time feedback to operators and assure product compliance. Operators can view all measurements in a number of graphical and numerical representations. Data from product measurements and raw photos can be saved automatically for further examination and reporting.

Defect Detection and Rejection

Size, shape and color-based flaws can all be detected using measurements for each object. Every defect is assigned a user-defined name and tracked so that operators can immediately identify the cause of any issues.

Using an array of high-speed air jets that precisely remove the particular defective object, defective products can be automatically removed from the product flow.

In-Line Vision Systems for Food Manufacturers

Image Credit: KPM Analytics, Inc.

Easy to Install, Operate and Maintain

The system’s compact footprint and integrated, adjustable stand allow it to fit into confined locations with minimal changes to existing conveyors, and no laning or spreading conveyors are required upstream.

All of the system’s components are standard, off-the-shelf parts available from various sources, and no proprietary components are employed to assure lifespan and ease of maintenance.

Customizable Solutions

KPM Analytics has the experience and capability to design a specially tailored solution in a standard system to satisfy the user’s inspection requirements, courtesy of its highly competent in-house engineering staff.

Additional conveyors before or after the system can be added to make the total solution a perfect match. Customized designs, minimal mechanical footprints and specific imaging techniques are all available.

System Components

Solutions Designed Around Users’ Products

In-Line Vision Systems for Food Manufacturers

Image Credit: KPM Analytics, Inc.

The In-Line Inspection Systems are the most adaptable of KPM Analytics’ Vision Solutions. Experts from the company will work with the user to assess their needs as well as the facility to build a solution that fits them all.

In-Line systems come in a variety of widths and can be installed at any point along the line. The system can be built for a 360-degree inspection of the products, and multiple camera configurations are available to meet practically any application.

Laning Conveyor Option

A customized Laning System can organize the random flow of good items into an orderly, laned arrangement that is suited for downstream packaging equipment after products have been thoroughly inspected and defective objects have been rejected from the line.

The number of lanes in a lane system can range from one to ten, and they can be managed (i.e., equal counts in each lane) or unmanaged.

Lane Balancer.

Lane Balancer. Image Credit: KPM Analytics, Inc.


User’s products are meaningfully characterized by vision technology, including sophisticated nuances that are difficult and time-consuming to achieve with traditional human approaches. The standard measurement library now contains over 100 simple and complex algorithms, with more on the way.

Some of the Measurements Available for Cookies.

Some of the Measurements Available for Cookies. Image Credit: KPM Analytics, Inc.

Basic Measurements

  • Thickness/Heights (min, max, avg, center, edge)
  • Width and length
  • Image stacking can be used to cross-reference 2D/3D measurements.
  • Shape, color, area
  • Diameters (max, caliper, min, adaptive dimensions, avg)
  • Bottom inspection (optional)
  • Foreign object detection
  • Slopes and volumes

Advanced Measurements

  • Roughness (variations on edges)
  • Measure specific features on an object using blob measurements (e.g., toppings, splits, foreign materials)
  • Shine detection
  • Product temperature and thermal heat seal
  • Template match (area outside of template %, max length outside template, area match %)
  • Bun coverage
  • Package Inspection (label, top and bottom, seal, bar codes)
  • Smart thickness
  • Adaptive length and width (curve follow)

In-Line Vision Systems for Food Manufacturers

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