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Arden Photonics BQM10 Laser Beam Profiler

The BQM10 laser beam profiler is a high precision, CCD based beam profiler for use with lasers with wavelengths between 350 and 1100 nm. Allied with our powerful but intuitive software package, the BQM10 makes quick and accurate characterisation of your lasers a reality.

The high quality 12 bit CCD array gives excellent resolution, and the USB2.0 interface means that the BQM10 is small and can used with a laptop or desktop computer. The user interface is simple and intuitive but with many useful features.

Features and Benefits

  • High quality 12 bit CCD array for good linearity
  • Easy to set up - speeds up analysis
  • USB2.0 direct connection with no external power supply required
  • Gaussian and 2nd moment fits
  • Compact and portable


  • Laser, LD, LED and VCSEL monitoring
  • Beam profiling
  • Laser beam process control
  • Measuring pulsed lasers

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