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BeamMaster Knife-Edge Based Laser Beam Profilers from Coherent

The Coherent BeamMaster™ is a high-precision multiple-knife-edge scanning laser beam profiler, which can be configured to sample, measure and display cross-sectional profiles and/or 2D and 3D image plots in real time up to 5 Hz. Selectable averaging of 1-20 samples provides noise reduction and maximizes measurement accuracy.

Data can be collected, displayed, stored and continuously streamed to the RS-232 port. All screen images can be captured and stored, or printed to any Windows printer.

BeamMaster can measure focused beam spots as small as 3 µm with 0.1 µm resolution, and has an aperture as large as 9 mm with 1 µm resolution for larger beams. Measurements can be made from 190-1100 nm (Si-Enhanced) and from 800-1800 nm (InGaAs).

Input powers can be as low as 10 µW. There is automatic gain control and an internal distortion-free optical attenuation filter provided (Si models).

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