Advanced Image Analysis Algorithms for Computing JND

The TrueMURA™ Analysis Module from Radiant Vision Systems is the first commercial system designed to offer innovative image analysis algorithms for computing “Just Noticeable Differences” (JND).

The TrueMURA™ expands the Defect Analysis functions already provided in the TrueTest™ Automated Visual Inspection software. The JND detection algorithm, integrated into the TrueMURA™ Analysis Module, is based on U. S. patent 7,783,130, “Standard Spatial Observer” technology, licensed by Radiant Vision Systems from NASA.

The Specification Sheet Features

  • Software applications and advantages
  • Specifications


  • Display Test


TrueMURA Prometric Complete System
TrueMURA Line Defects Analysis
TrueMURA Light Leakage Example
TrueMURA Corner Light Analysis
TrueMURA Black Mura Example

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