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Broad Spectra Fiber Solutions from art photonics

  • art photonics GmbH is happy to share with partners and customers its 30+ years of expertise in specialty fiber technologies and applications. It has been offering high-quality optical fiber products since it was founded in 1998 in Berlin. art photonics can be a customer’s prime partner to facilitate cutting-edge fiber solutions for various applications, commencing from consulting on design up to high volume manufacture of OEM fiber products and optical fiber systems.
  • art photonics researchers are very qualified and globally renowned experts in their fields. The company has widespread R&D experience in fiber optic technologies and different fiber applications in industry, science, space, and medical diagnostics/laser medicine, – resulted from the strong partnership with industrial and academic partners. art photonics is repeatedly granted in EU and German R&D programs for several projects, and runs nearly  2 to 4 projects annually.

art photonics’ Equipment

  • art photonics GmbH has one of the most extensive FTIR spectroscopy facilities in the world, including numerous instruments from Thermo Fisher, Bruker, Mettler Toledo, ABB, and others
  • Some of the company’s spectroscopy fiber probes have been especially designed and modified for the exploration in the fields of biomedicine and biotechnology
  • The company’s spectroscopy lab is also fitted with several NIR, UV-VIS, and Fluorescence spectrometers
  • art photonics’ Laser laboratory is very suitable for performing development and measurements of optical fiber cables for flexible delivery systems of NIR, UV, and mid-IR lasers. Those are CO and CO₂- lasers from Coherent, numerous diode lasers from LIMO, CO₂ medical laser from MedArt, exclusive cameras for visible and mid-infrared spectra from FLIR Systems.

Broad Spectra Fiber Solutions from Art Photonics

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