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FPC-2M  Fiber Probe Coupler

Fiber Probe Couplers enable coupling of FlexiSpec® fiber probes with any FTIR-spectrometer when installed in its sample chamber. Various FlexiSpec® probes can be used for remote media analysis in-situ and in real time – for reaction monitoring and process control – instead of time consuming samples collection & preparation. Mirror design of FlexiSpec® Fiber Probe Couplers provides high coupling efficiency for any probe used for process-spectroscopy in broad spectral range 0.2-18µm.

  • Process- control with powerful fiber probe terminated by SMA or other connectors
  • Upgrading Lab FTIR to substitute sampling for remote reaction monitoring in-line
  • Easy to set up in sample chamber – like any other accessories
  • Upgradable for different FTIR-models and modifiable for high coupling efficiency

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