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Gas Transmission Infrared Fiber Optic Probe

The FlexiSpec® product line comprises of the newest generation of Transflexion (dual pass) fiber optic probes to be used with any photometer or spectrometer.

Transflexion Dual Pass fiber optic probes are compatible with process-interfaces to be cleanable and to allow reaction monitoring in lab and pilot plant as well as to run a completely automated process control.


Specification of Fiber Optic Transflexion Probes FlexiSpec®
Fiber type Silica UV-VIS Silica Vis-NIR
Operating spectral range 0,2 – 1,3 μm 0,4 – 2,2 μm
Gap (optical pass) 2; 5; 10 mm (4; 10; 20 mm)
Temperature range ≤ 200 °C
Minimum Bending Radius 120 mm (for 600 μm core fiber)


Common Parameters of Fiber Optic Transflexion Probes FlexiSpec®
Total Length 1,5 m (opt: 1 – 30 m)
Shaft Length 230 mm (opt: 50 – 500 mm)
Shaft Diameter 12 mm
Shaft Material Stainless Steel, Hastelloy C22
Protective Tube Material Liquid Tight Stainless Steel -Conduit, KOPEX-Tube
Input / Output Connectors Long SMA; FC/PC; ST



  • Process Analytical Technologies (PAT)
  • Reaction monitoring in real time
  • Analytical Characterization
  • Biofuel Development and Production
  • Biopharmaceutical Analysis
  • Crystallization Development and Screening

Transflexion Dual Pass fiber optic probes

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