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Polycrystalline Infrared Fibers

art photonics developed a volume production technology of the unique product – Polycrystalline Infra-Red (PIR-) Core/Clad fibers – transparent over a broad spectral range 3 – 18 μm.

The highest performance PIR Core/Clad fibers are extruded with the core diameters span from 240 to 860 µm. Continuously improved extrusion process provides PIR-fibers with a superior optical quality and high mechanical strength.

Low optical losses without absorption peaks over the mentioned spectral range ensure a successful use of PIR-fibers in a broad range of applications.


Parameters of standard Polycrystalline fibers
Code PIR240/300 PIR400/500 PIR600/700 PIR900/1000
Type Step Index Multimode Step Index Multimode Step Index Multimode Step Index Multimode
Core Dia., µm 240±15 410±15 600±20 860±20
Cladding Dia., µm 300+0/-15 500+0/-15 700+0/-15 1000+0/-25
Protective Jacket Dia., µm no no no no
NA 30±0.03 30±0.03 30±0.03 30±0.03
Min. bending Radius, mm 45 75 100 150


Core/cladding composition AgCl:AgBr
Spectral Range 3 – 18 μm
Core Refractive Index 2.15
Fresnel Reflection Losses 25%
Attenuation at 10.6 µm 0.2 – 0.4 dB/m
Effective Numerical Aperture NA 30 +/- 0.05
Melting Point 410 °C
Operating Temperature –273 to +140 °C
Core/Clad Diameter (standard) see table above
Laser Damage Threshold for CW CO2laser >12 kW/cm²
Tensile Strength > 70 MPa
Minimum Bending Radius (fixed) 5 x [Fiber Diameter]
Minimum Elastic Bending Radius 150 x [Fiber Diameter]



  • Flexible IR-imaging systems
  • Flexible IR pyrometry
  • Mid IR spectroscopy
  • Power delivery for CO and CO2 Lasers
  • Power delivery for QuantumCascade Lasers

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