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LongLife™ Microchannel Plate for OEM Replacement

Photonis’ LongLife™ Microchannel Plates provide lower noise, longer life, and higher spatial resolution than any other MCP which is commercially available. The company has been industry-leading the in electron multiplication with the LongLife™ MCP product line for more than 40 years. Photonis’ extended dynamic range output option enhances detection over traditional MCPs by up to ten times.

Photonis’ line of LongLife™ MCPs are designed to supply stable gain and outstanding bias current stability and are available in image, detection, and premium grades. The pitch/pore size can be specified as well as the size, shape, and configuration. A detector specifically suited to your MCP requirements is possible by partnering with Photonis.

How an MCP Works

A microchannel plate is designed for detecting UV radiation, charged particles, and X-Rays. The output is a two-dimensional electron image which maintains the spatial resolution of the original input radiation, but has a linear gain of up to 1000. This may be utilized for providing a visual representation of the radiation pattern by exciting a phosphor screen placed near to the output.

MountingPad™ MCPs are rimless microchannel plates which have been patented to prevent excessive noise as a result of damaged pores or trapped gas close to the edges from mounting the MCP. The MountingPad™ technology supplies a rigid area to fix the MCP to without damaging pores, and allows a gap between the mounting hardware and active channels. This gap enables gas to vent, eliminating plasma discharges which generate excessive noise.

The figure below demonstrates this technology:

Related Applications

Analytical Instruments: MCPs support a wide range of analysis methods from large systems to portable and miniature applications.

Photonic Detection: MCPs are the critical initial stage in photon detection, with gain up to 1 million for high sensitivity.

Particle Research: MCPs capture short‐life, high speed events for quantification or counting.

Space Exploration: Photonis has been awarded by NASA, ESA and other agencies for the custom manufacture of MCPs which are space‐qualified.

LongLife™ Microchannel Plate for OEM Replacement

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