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FLIR High Resolution MWIR Camera Module Neutrino™ Performance Series

The Neutrino™ SX12 is a SXGA-resolution midwave infrared (MWIR) camera module from the FLIR Neutrino performance line. Based on a 1280 x 1024, 12 µm indium antimonide (InSb) focal plane array (FPA), the Neutrino SX12 is great for airborne or ground-based intelligence, Counter UAS (CUAS) and Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) missions by providing fast, high-resolution imagery while still preserving a compact optomechanical package.

Developed with system integrators in mind, the Neutrino SX12 possesses simple and powerful software controls, the industry standard interfaces, complete product documentation and FLIR OEM technical support to decrease product development risk and shorten time to market.

Configurable HD+ MWIR Core

Flexible detector types, frame rates, FPA window sizes, and optical interface options

  • The >1.3 megapixels provide crisp imagery for a small instantaneous field of view (IFOV) at longer standoff distances while maintaining a wide field of view (FOV)
  • 12.0 x 7.4 x 11.2 cm and 1.97 kg
  • 1280 x 1024, 12 µm pixel pitch FPA provides high resolution with greater sensitivity

Designed for Integrators

Simplify development and shorten time to market

  • Mature infrared video processing architecture and robust SDK
  • ITAR FREE: Classified under US Department of Commerce jurisdiction as EAR 6A003.b.4.a
  • Built-in support for physical and protocol-level industry standards (e.g. RS-422 and 14-bit corrected CameraLink)

FLIR Value and Reputation

The performance, support and reliability expected from FLIR

  • Highly-qualified FLIR Technical Services team available to support integration
  • Commercially developed, military qualified (CDMQ)
  • Comprehensive product documentation


Imaging Neutrino SX12
Sensor Technology MWIR
Pixel Pitch 12 μm
Detector Type InSb (T2SL option)
FPA/Digital Video Display Format 1280 x 1024
Spectral Band 3.4 μm – 5 μm (Standard)
Frame Rate 120 Hz (720P), >60 Hz (SXGA)
Sensitivity (NEdT) <25 mk, f/4, 50% well
Operability >99.5%
Time to Image <7 min @ 22 °C ambient
Physical Attributes  
Size (without optics) 12.0 x 7.4 x 11.2 cm (4.73 x 2.93 x 4.42 in)
Weight 1.97 kg (4.34 lb)
ROIC Type Direct Injection, Snapshot, Integrate While Read
Programmable Integration Time Yes (.01-16 ms)
Well Capacity >11 x 106 electrons
Coldshield f/4 nominal, customizable
Sync Modes Free run, external sync with readout or integration priority
Digital Output Format Camera Link Medium compatible interface
Primary Electrical Connector 40-pin Samtec
Input Power 5 VDC Camera, 28 VDC Cryocooler
Power Consumption <20 W Steady State
Command and Control RS-422, selectable BAUD rate
Image Correction 2-point (offset and gain) and bad pixel replacement
User Configurable via SDK & GUI Yes
Operating Temperature -40 °C to +71 °C (-40 °F to +160 °F)
Non-operating Temperature -54 °C to +80 °C (-65 °F to +176 °F)
Operational Altitude 12,190 m (40,000 ft)
Vibration 4.3 GRMS three axis, 1 hr each
Shock 20 G Shock Pulse W/11 ms Half Sine

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

FLIR High Resolution MWIR Camera Module Neutrino™ Performance Series

Configurable HD+ MWIR Core
Designed for Integrators
FLIR Value and Reputation

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