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RM75-4Z Series, Multi-Zone LED Ring Light

The RM75-4Z Mini Ring Light is a low-angle ring light that is compact and robust. Although it is ideal for dark field ring applications, it can also be used for radial illumination.

The RM75-4Z includes four zones, which make it a quadrant light in which each individual zone can be controlled independently of each other.

4ZMD: The 4ZMD, which is an external driver, allows control of up to four separate light zones either simultaneously or independently, in any combination. The 4ZMD includes independent intensity controls and integrated Multi-Drive™, enabling a range to be set from 10% to 100% to operate continuously or in OverDrive™ strobe mode.

Radial and Dark Field illuminations are recommended for use.

Product Details

  • Integrated individual intensity control channels for OverDrive™ strobe mode or continuous operation
  • Independent control of the four individual zones incorporated into a single light
  • Available with the 4ZMD, which enables OverDrive™ strobe or continuous operation mode for each channel
  • PNP high-speed strobe input
  • 5-pin M12 quick connect (reverse key)
  • Integrated over-current protection

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