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RMX75 Series Mini LED Ring Light

The RMX75 is exclusively designed for bright field and radial applications, providing a perfect working distance of 100–500 mm. The silicone lens of the light offers an IP65 rating and an extra-tight seal.

In contrast to plastics and glass, silicone does not craze, turn yellow, or react to ultraviolet light. Silicone offers further advantages, including robustness in tough environmental conditions, lack of chemical reactivity, and high transmission from 365 nm (UV) to 2000 nm (IR).

Similar to the original RM75, the RMX75 has an integrated Multi-DriveTM controller, 72 high-output LEDs, and over-current protection, which enables the light to operate in OverDriveTM strobe mode or continuously. The 1–10 V analog control line enables total intensity control, and the incorporated driver of the unit regulates its duty cycle and current, thereby avoiding too much heat.

The RMX75 contains a standard 5-pin M12 connector, four T-slots, and an optional camera adapter for enabling rapid installation and integration. The CE RoHS — and IEC 62471 — compliant unit has been developed for use in different industries and markets.

Radial and Dark Field illuminations are recommended for use.

Product Details

  • A total of 72 high-output LEDs
  • Over-current protection
  • Incorporated with a driver, without any need for external wiring
  • NPN and PNP strobe input
  • 5-pin M12 quick disconnect cable
  • Continuous operation or strobe mode

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