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A High-Speed Strobe Light with Temperature Monitor & Electrical Energy Storage

Featuring the ability to store electrical energy in order to pulse LEDs, the XR series of LED lights are high-speed strobe lights which are capable of producing as many as 5000 Strobes Per Second (SPS). When LEDs are active, XR256 has a pulsed LED energy of 2000 watts.

The XR256 light pulses the LEDs with as many as 180 amps of DC current. Running at as many as 2000 watts, the XR256 light has 256 mm² area of LED die. This compares favorably with a standard LED light for machine vision, which averages 3-12 mm² area of LED die running at between three and 12 watts.

When the LED’s die reaches an unsafe temperature, the temperature monitor of the XR series lights shuts it down. Following this shut down there is a period of rest for the LED die, until a safe temperature is once more reached.

The increase in heat of the LED die is dependent upon the LED strobe time or duration, as well as the SPS. Die temperatures are increased by longer strobe times or a high SPS. The operation of the LEDs is safely limited by the XR series ability to monitor the duty cycle. LEDs are not allowed to run at a duty cycle which is unsafe.

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Wavelength Colors

The XR256 is available in the following wavelength colors.


  • 14 – 14 degree
  • 20 – 20 degree
  • 30 – 30 degree
  • 50 – 50 degree
  • 80 – 80 degree

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High Speed Lighting Videos

Color chalk – 1000 SPS (Strobes Per Second) with Color Camera running at 1000 Frames Per Second.

Color Foam – 4000 SPS (Strobes Per Second) with Color Camera running at 4000 Frames Per Second.

B/W Foam – 1000 SPS (Strobes Per Second) with Monochrome Camera running at 1000 Frames Per Second.

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